Why I write every day

Why do I write every day, even when I have nothing to say?

It's nearly midnight tonight, and I just spent three hours driving back to Providence from Maine, after the end of our vacation, and here I am sitting at my desk writing.

I haven't had any time to think today, so I don't have any brilliant insights to share (or perhaps I am merely more conscious of that fact just now than I normally am).

Nonetheless, I'm writing.

In part, I'm writing because writing every day is a standard I've set for myself. I'm not writing in order to always share useful, actionable information.

Go read other writers who post but rarely if you want to find useful information, not here.

Here, all you will find are the humble daily thoughts of a man trying to make his way in the world starting from scratch (though I will admit that "scratch" means one thing to an American and quite another for most other inhabitants of the world).

I write every day in order to write every day. If I miss a day of writing, why should I write tomorrow? Or the day after that? Or the day on which I do truly have a valuable thought that I would otherwise lose if I didn't set it down?

I'm writing even when I have nothing to say, because if I don't write every day, I won't write any day. It's how I am.

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