I'm going to post every day

I know in my last post, I said that I would only post when I had something worthwhile to say.

I've been thinking about that, though, and I realized that at this stage in my development[1], I have very little to say that is worth reading. Writing improves thinking, and to think better I'll have to write better. And I can only write better by practicing intentionally.

To become somebody who only writes when they have something valuable to say, I first have to write a lot in order to learn how to find valuable things to say.

Therefore I'm changing my modus operandi for this blog: I'm going to write a lot, with full understanding that my writing will probably suck and I don't have anything important to say.

Every day, I'll post something.

It can be one sentence or a paragraph or a whole essay. I'll work on my more important posts on the side, and email those out to my mailing list when I have them.

[1] I consider "development" here to mean building an understanding of reality that will allow me to create a successful business. It's very difficult, maybe impossible, to build a successful business if you don't understand the reality of how and why people buy on some level. Luck makes it easier, but I'm not interested in waiting on the whims of Lady Luck.

I send a weekly roundup and the occasional announcement.