Hello World

October 31, 2018

Hello world! This is the first post on my new blog, which I’ve created to… well, you can read about why I made it on my about page.

Astronaut Photo by NASA on Unsplash

It’s built on Jekyll, which I’m hosting with GitHub Pages. I’m using Disqus for comments, Formspree for the contact form, and I’m actually going to be writing some posts in the online GitHub code editor, I think. It’s a toss-up between that and Vim, which I have pretty well customized as a code editor. Right now, I’m writing in the GitHub editor.

Anyway, the posting schedule is going to run something like this: major posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with minor posts on Tuesday and Thursday. Initially, I’ll probably be posting even more than that to build some content out and up the post count on the blog, since I’m hoping it will be very accessible via Google. I’m doing this full-time right now, so I have a lot of time to write blog posts, but I have some work coming up within the next month or so, so I don’t think that’ll last for very long. I’m going to take advantage of it while I can, though!

I’m also putting the finishing touches on the structure of this blog on October 31st (Happy Halloween! 💀), so I’m just in time to start writing posts for NaNoWriMo. Yeah, yeah, technically this isn’t a novel, but I’m still hoping to lay down at least 50k words of content this month. I’ve won NaNoWriMo twice in the past — although for more legitmate fiction endeavors — but I don’t have the luxury of sitting down and writing a bunch of fiction this year, so I’m taking the contest and using it to do something a little more constructive!

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t completely explained my reasoning behind creating this blog. Google’s a pretty core component of it. I hope that, in time, it’ll serve to pull in people from Google who are looking for JavaScript contractors or a contracting company.

The idea is simple. If I can help enough people and give enough value away here on the blog, I’ll also end up demonstrating my expertise and building a platform and audience so that work will end up coming my way in return.

I’ve bounced around doing a lot of different things over the past ten or so years. I’ve worked at a couple of different startups, done freelancing, and I even ran an SEO company for a few years with my dad. The programming was great, the digital marketing… not so much. I did it to be consistent with what I’d started, but honestly the passion really wasn’t there.

And that’s the final reason behind creating this blog: to support the passion I have for development. I’ve been coding since I was ten, and I actually started a couple of successful development blogs before this. I actually let one of them expire (intentionally) and it was resurrected by somebody. I’m still pretty bitter about it.

But seriously, all of my previous success and work came from that blog and also from my activity over at Stack Overflow, so now that I’m back in the game with building a public profile — and doing it intentionally now — hopefully I’ll be able to build back up to and past my previous success.

See you around. Hope this content is helpful!