Building A Game To Explore Redux

January 09, 2020

So I figured it was time to finally unearth a game I wrote a couple of years ago to really get a handle on state management with Redux.

I’ve been interested in the genre of roguelikes for a long time (and have actually built a good few over the years) but this was my first time attempting to build one with a modern web stack.

I published the source code to the game, and you can play it here.

I also gave a presentation about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the talk recorded (boy, am I kicking myself now) so I will have to give it again at some point in the future, but I do still have the slides, which are below:

You can get a good sense of the things I learned from this exploration, and I consider it to have been a really valuable use of time. Unfortunately, since it’s not a “traditional” web demo like a Twitter clone or todo list, it can be a little hard to convey the meaningingful insights that I gained from building it to folks like recruiters and bored hiring engineers, but the experience makes it an absolutely worthwhile use of time.